All people on the planet are unique. Our wishes, possibilities, style, as well as the way we make our choices are unique. In the modern way of life, everything works much faster, which requires frequent and quick decisions, and the right and thoughtful decision is not easy to make. The decision is especially hard to make when it comes to furnishing the space. Some people follow the principle "simplicity is always the best", while others see "originality" as a solution for a pleasant business or family stay. Our team is here to suggest and help you fulfill all your ideas, so that the final result is satisfactory for everyone.


For the decoration of any space, be it a home or a business space, one of the most important elements is furniture. However, it is very important that the furniture blends in with the other details in the space. As professionals, we are ready to help you choose, so that your place of residence can get the desired elegance and sense of comfort that we all strive for.


When we want to equip a space, we all have an initial idea of how we want it to look, where to place the elements, which piece of furniture to choose. It is not uncommon in this preconceived film to want some detail that is atypical or out of the ordinary. We are here for you to enrich the place where you stay with creative suggestions so that its dear visitors, guests and associates can feel its charms.


It often happens that we are delighted with certain spaces, its ambience or the way they are designed. Elegance is the word we use most often then, and it is possible to get it much easier and cheaper than it seems to us. It is essential that you are ready to provide trust, and Renya Home will harmonize everything through creative proposals, so you will be the ones with whom your guests will be impressed by the ambience in which they stayed.


Functionality is necessary for every space. In order to reach a functional space, every element in its design must be carefully analyzed, but also used properly. Then the space will get the look you have always dreamed of, and a comfortable space, remember, will allow you to be more productive, personally satisfied, and then happy. A smile on your face is what you will always get by visiting us.

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